Friday, March 6, 2009

"Still Standing," 24" x 30" oil on canvas

Copyright © 2009 by Dzvinka Stifel. All Rights Reserved.
I enjoy painting old barns, partially because it is only a matter of time when one day these barns will not be "still standing."


  1. WOW...i love this one so much...great title.

  2. Dear Dzvinka,

    I drop in from Nina Ulana's blog.I am sure you are a very experience artist.Your painting is a beauty....

    I used to stay for few years in Piedras Negras Mexico near the border State of Texas called Eagle Pass.Every month I will drive 4 hours from Eagle Pass to San Antonio just for shopping with my Japanese friends.Along the way there are many barns,sometime very old one and abandoned.Your painting trigger those beautiful memory down the lane in Texas.
    Sometime you can see Bluebonnet creating a vast blue landscape along the way.....
    really hope to go back there someday...

  3. love it..especially the beauty of the rusted metal...

  4. Sentimental and beautiful. I am so glad you captured this memory! Very well done.