Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Quiet Morning," 24" x 36" oil on canvas

Copyright © 2011 by Dzvinka Stifel. All Rights Reserved.

While exploring a forest last spring, I came upon the most beautiful flowers carpeting a forest floor. The scene was so peaceful, I needed to put it on canvas.

"Bicycle Path," 24" x 30" oil on canvas

Copyright © 2011 by Dzvinka Stifel. All Rights Reserved.

Wanted to post one of the paintings that will be exhibited at the Oak Park Public Library during the month of March in a family exhibit "Scapes 2."

The painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Ken Lambert. His art can be viewed on his webite

Family Exhibit - March 2011

Dzvinka Stifel, Nina Ulana and Tatiana Weinstein are exhibiting their artwork at the Oak Park Public Library's art gallery during the month of March.
Location: 834 Lake Street, Second Floor, Oak Park, Illinois

The paintings represent three different perspectives of external and internal worlds in the form of landscapes, mindscapes and bodyscapes. Dzvinka's landscapes depict scenes from the road, in the rural Midwest. The artist's goal is to inspire gratitude of the natural beauty around us in ordinary scenes. Nina's mindscapes represent our internal psyche in dimensional scapes. Sometimes called dreamscapes, her paintings physically depict the imagination and subconscious. Tatiana's bodyscapes combine the still life and figurative painting. Bodies and books are her subject matter as well as her passion.